In Every Success Story,
You will find Someone who has made a Courageous Decision.

We are looking for young dynamic leaders, who are willing to not just grow in their career, but also help us enhance our presence in the country. We provide entrepreneurial avenues through a certified mentoring program which enhances their skill-sets to become a successful entrepreneur.

The Career Map, with the right mentoring, takes our candidate through a hands-on learning experience of various aspects of business, where his/her growth solely depends on their performance and will to succeed.

The 2nd Level of the program will involve a much elaborated and comprehensive course for Grey Matter Certificate Holder, graduates and post graduates who are looking to build themselves as leader in the industry and aspire to build their own organization.

During the first 120 days of training you will get trained on 3 aspects. First, you will learn the essentials of Sales and Marketing, Customer Relationship and engagement through face to face interaction with customers and clients.

During the second stage you will learn the basics of Human Resource Development, through hiring and training and developing individuals, and eventually you will get trained on managing and leading a crew/team by specializing in Conflict Management, Sector Management and, Performance Appraisal to deliver maximum performance.

During the advance training, you will understand the basics of Business Administration, Finances and Operation; moreover, learn what is required to run a company of your own.

You will also specialize in forming strategies, plan and manage resources and clients; take business decisions to maximize the growth and revenue of the company.

The mentoring program helps you enhance various skills such as;

  • Sales & Marketing [Customer Relations, Acquisitions, Servicing]
  • Human Resource Development [Evaluation, Mentoring, Interpersonal Skills]
  • Human Resource Management [Team Handling, Impacts, Performance Monitoring]
  • Finance
  • Administration